Pussycats and Monkeymen


The songs of Pussycats and Monkeymen speak about the universe of emotions arising from personal experiences and dystopic scenarios at the border between reality and imagination: ‘Ouverture’ opens the Album with a musical summary of the tracks; the hallucinated musical short story ‘Cicuta Weston’ throws us in a Philip K. Dick imaginary; the syncopated rhythm of ‘Off Beat’ invites us to find ourself again; the desperate roughness of ‘Lady Death’ leaves us breathless for the whole duration of the song; the bitter-sweet ballad ‘Rio Portrait’ can turn in an unexpected fierceness and return to quietness; the catchy groove of ‘Dogs Are Eating My Legs’ gives voice to the lucid madness of a lonely man; the 7’:35’’ long mesmerizing track Revolution closes the album.


01. Ouverture
02. Police of the Soul
03. Cicuta Weston
04. Bad Love
05. Off Beat
06. Fire Dancer
07. Hard Times
08. Lady Death
09. Life
10. The Bright Side
11. Rio Portrait
12. Dogs Are Eating My Legs
13. Revolution