Lilyum is a black metal band from Turin (Italy). Their career began in 2002 and over the years they have released nine albums and various EPs, splits and demos. The band’s philosophy has always been quite radical and anchored to the principles of black metal, and the band has never held live shows. In all these years they have collected several positive reviews for their albums, of which the best were certainly “Ultimatum” (Salute Records, 2009), “Nothing Is Mine” (Dusktone, 2011), “October’s Call” (Naked Lunch Records , 2015), “Altar Of Fear” (Vacula Productions, 2017) and “Circle Of Ashes” (Vacula Productions, 2021). Now the band is preparing to return to the market with a very violent album and to present the new drummer Summum Algor (drummer of the historic Adversam). Their latest work is entitled “We Are Disobedience” and sees the band push towards a brutality never explored before which often leads to death metal. With the entry of Summum Algor and a renewed desire to destroy everything, Lilyum returns in 2023 stronger than ever.



Promo ’08 – [Demo 2008]
An Absence of Light – [EP 2008]
The Knife Rises – [EP 2009]
Ultimatum – [Full-length 2009]
Fear Tension Cold – [Full-length 2010]
Crawling in the Past – [Full-length 2010]
Nothing Is Mine – [Full-length 2011]
III Ways Split – [Split 2012]
Human Void – [EP 2012]
Glorification of Death – [Full-length 2014]
October’s Call – [Full-length 2015]
Altar of Fear – [Full-length 2017]
Circle of Ashes – [Full-length 2021]
We Are Disobedience – [Full-length 2023]

KOSMOS REVERSUM – rhythm and Lead Guitars, Songwriting
LORD JOTUN – Bass, Vocals, Guitars, Arrangements