Blue Drama

When three decades of concerts, rehearsal rooms and recording studios are not enough to satisfy your hunger for Rock, there is only one thing to do.
Form a new band !!!
And it’s exactly to satisfy this need that Blue Drama was born in September 2017 in Florence, Italy by the will of Mario Assennato, Andrea Bartolini and Massimo D’Amico.
Friends first then bandmates in various rock group the three brothers in rock looked back at the classic power trios of the 70’s and 80’s in order to build up the new combo but once for all, decided to sing in their native language.
Their personal taste for rock and musical background is firmly strong in this project, as well as much of their experience gained in various original rock and hard&heavy bands among which we can mention Eclipse, Machine Messiah, Sabotage, Death SS, Devil’s Mojito, Mantra, Blue Gardenia and a lot of cover and tribute bands like: Killer Queen, Brain Shake, Electric Funeral, Nightcomers, Kiss Covers, Pinball Wizads, Crue, 747, Suzy Q, all bands that have been touring all over the country and some of them still doing it.
Mario, Andrea and Massimo put their energy into songwriting and arrangements of the songs, while guitarrist Mario Assennato and bassist Andrea Bartolini write the music and share lead vocals, drummer Massimo D’Amico provide some intense e deep lyrics besides his big drum sound. Melodic lead and background vocals, full with harmonies and catchy hooks are an integral part of their sound as well as big riffs on a solid rock groove.
The legacy of the Italian pop rock tradition is also present in this project, and comes out with tributes to masters such as Luigi Tenco and Eugenio Finardi, even under the ongoing search for a sound that is sincere and true.
Blue Drama explore themselves and talk about love, friendship, the sense of brotherhood that comes from healthy passions like that for music but also of disillusionment and anger, of doubts and hopes.
The band took his time, also due to live commitments with other bands, it took the lockdown and the summer of 2020 to finally see the group to enter the studio, at the DpoT Recording Arts Studio under the technical guidance of Fabrizio Simoncioni (Ligabue, Negrita, Litfiba, etc …) to record 14 songs, 12 originals plus the personal versions of “Mi Sono Innamorato Di Te” by Luigi Tenco and the timeless hymn by Eugenio Finardi “La Musica Ribelle ”, with the artistic contribution of Fabrizio Simoncioni who played all the keyboard parts.
The music of Blue Drama was born to be played live with the only help of a guitar, a bass and a drum, but in the studio the temptation to add new colours and new shades was strong and the band put everything they had to brighten up their songs also trying not to compromising with their taste and musical roots.
In February 2021 they released the single “S.O.S.” on all major digital platforms while in July it’s the turn of their interpretation of Luigi Tenco’s classic “Mi Sono Inamorato Di Te”, to be published again in digital, a virtual single that sees on the b-side “Il Sogno Infinito” one of their originals, to promote the single the band also shot a video for “Mi Sono Innamorato Di Te”. In November, a new single is scheduled to be released, this time on Ghost Record Label, “Quello Che Non Sai” anticipates the release of the debut album in digital and cd format scheduled for early December 2021.